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PT Berkah Multi Cargo Logistic as a business entity of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) to support and develop the logistics business in the working area of PT Pelindo III (Persero) and in the national scope.

at a glance BMC Logistics
We are a highly trusted logistics company in a collaborative, directed and focused global supply chain ecosystem for all components, far and near, from the first kilometer to the last kilometer and anything in between.

The basic principles of world logistics have always been actively changing over the past 100 years, efficient performance, utilization of digital documentation and practicality of services has improved. As a Pelindo III business entity, we believe our experience makes a difference. At present our logistics services are more efficient and comprehensive than before. The method and modernization of services is always optimized continuously and always increases.

BMC Logistics has been part of the evolution of world logistics every step since the establishment of Pelabuhan Indonesia III in 1992, and then gave birth to a subsidiary of Pelindo Marine Service (PT PMS) which has been initiated since 2005. PT PMS as a corporate entity has a self-supporting business function that moves in the field of water transportation, shipping and other maritime industries. In order to expand its business expansion into the logistics sector that has a large market potential, both in the Pelindo III work area, and in the national scope, PT PMS established PT Berkah Multi Cargo (PT BMC) in 2017.

PT BMC was developed by offering the concept of system logistics solutions through the application of supply chain management, especially in terms of logistics integration. With an extensive network, PT BMC will serve service users professionally and reliably, because we emphasize service efficiency, quality, safety and networking to service users.

BMC Logistics vision & mission


Become the best logistics company in Indonesia


  • Providing the best logistics solutions to customers that produce value added to customers.
  • Establish strong human resources in the field of logistics that is oriented to customer satisfaction.
  • Producing sustainable profit / profit growth will provide optimal value / value to shareholders.

We prove our reputation and experience from the trust given by our customers.

BMC Logistics solutions exceed expectations and include harmonization of various modes such as air, rail, sea and road. Through continuous innovation, we become innovators in the supply chain to increase growth and reduce costs by using technology and data to increase visibility and learning in the entire ecosystem of the logistics world.

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